Name: Brenda
Surname: Kučerová
Age: 25
Eye color: Green
Hair color: Dark Brown
Status: Married
Children: none husband: Ivo
Heigh: 5.4 feet
Weight: 106 pounds
Measurements: 35-24-35
Profession: Graphic Designer
Zodiac: Libra
Birth Stone: Opal

now you know about me as much as I do..... almost




Personal Files

I was born in my parents’ city Zlin because my mom wanted me nearby. I am glad that it didn´t happened for example in Madrid because I don`t know a single word in Spanish.

After finishing an elementary school, together with all my schoolmates who were not sure what to do with the rest of their lives, we went at high school to postpone our life decision. We were hoping that time will inspire us with some great ideas and suggests which one of us will get the Nobel Chemistry Prize, who will discover a cancer cure or who will become the Hollywood Star.

By entering the dangerous age of puberty the time started to inspire us with totally different ideas and it was more and more doubtless that neither chemistry nor Hollywood will need our help.

Next school, which supposed to bring me higher on my academic scale, was a Language school in Zlin where I tried to improve my English. And what the school didn´t achieve I gained during my stay in California, where I have spent three happiest years of my life.

In the United States I studied the Graphic design at New York school, started my modeling career and got married with the best man I could find (at least he is saying that) and I brought that all back to my homeland to Brno in 2003.

Here I was thrown without mercy into working process and I work as a graphic designer in one of Brno`s advertising agencies. The time of "games and unripe raspberries" is long gone and replaced by duties, family, earning money and slow heartless aging.

Besides graphics I do occasionally photo modeling, I love to cook, I love to take care of my young garden and my old husband. Both in desperate need of my care. But what I love the most is to leave everything behind and wander around the globe where I meet new people and discover new places.

It wasn't until 2007 when the state of my life became unbearable and again I decided for a big change. I took a trip to meet new adventure in unknown faraway country. I packed my two suitcases let myself out of a good job, bought airtickets and went. I don't know what the destiny has prepared for me, but whatever happens, you will be first to know.