My hobbies are activities they would fill up my free time I would have, not having those hobbies.

Hobby is something you do for free that you wouldn't touch for money.

If I were to put my hobbies into some sort of logical order, I would put gardening on the top position.
Not because it is better then traveling or singing, but because I spend much more time digging in the dirt then I go traveling to foreign countries. I am very passionate about my garden. Although most of my friends of the same age cannot understand why I like gardening and say this is something for my retirement years instead… like I would have more time at that age then now. More here...

Cooking holds the second place among my hobbies. Now I am good at it, but before, I couldn’t cook. I used a smoke detector as a timer.
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I always loved to paint and draw and that is the reason why I ended up with a graphic design as my profession.
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Travelling uses the least days of my calendar year but the most money from my bank account. There are so many wonderful places on this planet that I would love to visit. Not necessarily to live there, just to visit, to see, to feel and then go happily back home. There is, however, one place I could live right now without any hesitation - and that is California.
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I am taking singing lessons with Hana Horka, the lead singer of the National Theatre in Brno. With unbelievable patience and diligence she gets sounds from my throat which, from a safe distance, can vaguely resemble singing. Thanks to my network of friends and acquaintances, I project this sound upon various theatre projects, even if I have to sometimes sleep with the director just to get in (which happens to be my husband all the time). Every so often I can make it thru. I also dance and do some photo modeling, which is almost the same. More here