In fact I have two of them. Small one in front of the house and a much bigger one behind a house.

Through the winter I am looking forward to the first warm day to move out to my garden, from where only the first snow drives me out.

A front garden is supposed to be kind of a premise of the house. It tells you what kind of people lives in. So to prevent from wrong asumptions I've left the fence grow over by roses so nobody can see through. I wanna make some major changes to it, I even invited 2 gardening firms to help me, but you know Czech handymen - nobody showed up. They are waiting for some park design to come.

It is odd that on one hand I am looking for a friend I am missing in Brno to go with somewhere. But on the other hand I love to be alone in my garden and dig in a dirt. Typical woman, don't know what she wants but won't let bother enerybody till she gets it.

Besides flowers and vegetable I got several fruit trees which forces me to make preserves which nobody eats. Friends are afraid of coming to visit me, because they never leave without one or two jars. Even my Fan Club helps me to clear my dump.
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Of course not only thanks to the labor is a human alive and after work the fun part comes - good food. The centerpiece of our garden is a nice gazeboo with a grill... and here comes our chef Ivo, who doesn't even know where the kitchen is, but out here he has an invincible need to be culinary creative. He pretends to be a chef and we in return pretend liking his creations. Need to say that some food is realy good: if I marinate a meat for him, prepare the side dishes and salad - and he magnificently lays the meat down on a grill. That exhausts him so much that I have to take care of him for the rest of the evening.
I was always longing for a nice pond with water flowers and colorful fish. I pushed through one tiny one in 2005 but it didn't satisfied me completely, so I set about the bigger project a year later.
I gained a backing of my folks, who arrived from Zlin to help me out so we outnumbered Ivo and the pond was finished over the weekend. Now we can put some Christmas carp in it to have something to pul out for Christmas diner. More here...
These flowers are so easy to grow and I have so many of them. I am so good!