My traveling hobby shouldn't surprise you because everybody likes to explore new countries and meet new people.

I don't mind being very busy during a year as long as I can look forward to a nice and long vacation, full of exciting places, interesting people and unexpected adventures.

Brenda lyžařkaThe continent I know the least is Europe. I am really ashamed and working on fixing it. Every year we go for one week to the Alps, where I mostly ski, occasionaly snowboard and almost never fall (that was a compliment if you missed it). In 2008 I visited Italy.

Palma di MallorcaThe photoshoots take me sometimes into cities where I know the airport, some hotel and an atelier only. I seldomly gain one free day to do some sightseeing, like here in Mallorca

Hurghada, Egypt
Africa is represented in my portfolio by Egypt only, where I was just once but I liked it very much.

Las vegas, NevadaThe special place in my geography is Las Vegas. I love the atmosphere of the town and it was my wedding place on top of it. We go there each fifth anniversary to visit our money we lost there.

Palo AltoIn California we lived for three years in Palo Alto in the middle of the Silicon Valley, so it deserves a separate album, don't you agree?

HawaiankaWe traveled thru USA very intensively which is given by the fact that my husband is an American and we lived there quite long time. I fell in love with California. I like San Francisco very much, the capital of CA Sacramento and down south Los Angeles and the entire Southern California. Who wouldn't like to live in Hawaii? I like National parks, as well as Theme parks, full of rides and adrenalin. We have visited our friends in New York, Washington and in Florida. My son lives in Arizona, where we moved to because of him for one year.

Caribbean CruiseI enjoyed two vacations on the luxury cruise ships in the Caribbeanvisiting Mexico and Venezuela.

I haven't had a chance to visit any place in Asia (and I am tempted to go there). I had one modeling offer from Japan, but it was for 6 months and that seemed to be little long. I am getting lot of offers from Turkey but I am affraid to go there so Asia might remain as a white spot on my map.
One wonderful vacation was in Venezuela in 2005 and then again in 2006 USA, where I went to our fifth wedding anniversary.