Name: Brenda
Surname: Kučerová
Age: 25
Eye color: Green
Hair color: Dark Brown
Status: Married
Children: none
1st husband: Ivo
2nd husband: submit application
Heigh: 5.4 feet
Weight: 106 pounds
Measurements: 35-24-35
Profession: Graphic Designer
Zodiac: Libra
Birth Stone: Opal

now you know about me as much as I do..... almost



from personal files

Nature: Optimistic and trustful

Stature: I have a nice body and a photogenic face that, together, make me money as a photo model. It is necessary to take advantage of it, since nature has given it to me and time hasn’t taken it away YET.

Hobby: In spite of my young age, I like gardening and spend a lot of my free time there.

Addiction: No alcohol, cigarettes, or other drugs. I could admit my addiction to sex, but that would be grossly misinterpreted. I like sex, just like any other young, perverse, exhibitionistic, and nymphomaniac woman (like me).

Music: I like everything which is old and not gone with the wind. Elvis is still King on my list.

My motto: The fight against human stupidity cannot be ever won, but we must never stop fighting it.

What I cannot resist: I have no vices I can't resist. I have a strong will supported by the hesitancy of my celestial sign. Before I decide to succumb to something-the opportunity is long gone.

My Goal: I wanted to become a member of the Mensa. Now I am in but I realized they do not give out any free lunches.

Sports: Skiing, swimming, scuba diving, and snowboarding. Sport is a place on my map where ancient Romans used to write (HIC SUNT LEONES). More here...

Favorite Food: Czech sauerkraut soup, beef stroganoff, seafood, Chinese food (but not in Czechland), baby back ribs, BBQ, Recipe...

Favorite Drink: Pina Colada, Strawberry Margarita, Campari with Juice

Favorite Book anything by Amanda Quick vs. Jane Ann Krentz

Favorite Place: California, Hawaii, Key West (Florida), Disneyland and any other amusement parks with wild rides where the blood boils with excitement.

Favorit Bands: They are all dead or fallen apart. Most of the contemporary ones should do the same.

My Mornings They are the worst part of my day and it takes quite a while for me to be able to function as an intelligent person. Even that is highly questionable...

My Sins: None. When you open any encyclopedia by the word “a perfect girl”, you will find my picture there. My biggest sin is that I can't properly sin.


Experience: I collected some via trial and error
Last Time: yesterday (regardless when you read it)
Erotogennic Zones: The shorter list would be where I am not turned on
Favorite Places: When I am turned on - any place is fine. Only we cannot return to that restaurant anymore :-).
Favorite Positions: Diversity is the key but not necessarily aerobics.
Mild Perversions: The opposite would be a shorter list again. I am an inquisitive person and I tried almost everything except necrophilia. Actually-with my old husband in bed, who knows…I am very close to it.