From the beginning I was shooting for free, for my pleasure and to learn the craft. It is called TFP (Time for pictures). The model supplies usable body and time, the photographer repays her with couple pictures. And then what? I have boxes full of pictures....Then some paid offers came my way and with increasing publicity the fee started to increase accordingly. I don’t do TFP any more, it would have to be very INTERESTING project to do it.... but time is very scarce lately.



Besides working with photographers for their portfolios and exhibitions there is a commercial aspect of the business: TV spots, advertisements, commercials, etc. There are few of them where I got my foot in (or rather face).


Brenda Kučerová

The most frequent question I get asked is, “How did you get into modeling?”

By chance! Once upon a time I was walking down the Sacramento street when a talent scout from a modeling agency offered me a casting photo shoot. Modeling had never crossed my mind before because I considered myself to be just an ordinary girl. He proved to me that in the hands of a good photographer, an ugly duckling can change into a swan.
After returning to the Czech Republic, I placed a few of my pictures on modeling websites and various offers started pouring in. Some of them were even for taking pictures. Everybody was praising my green eyes but, of course, they wanted to shoot mostly my boobs.
I enjoy modeling for photos. I am a natural exhibitionist and have no problem taking nude pictures as long as they are tasteful and aesthetic. Rather, my problems come from photographers who misconceive the nakedness of models.
At the beginning, I was modeling for free, just to get some experience and nice pictures, but soon I realized that even the most beautiful pictures will not pay my rent or put food on the table, unlike money can do that very easily!
Brenda Kučerová
Brenda KučerováWhen a model takes fashion pictures, which happen to be my favorite ones, she is nothing else but a nice coat hanger. A viewer should not notice the girl first but instead, focus on her clothes. Some of the fashion styles can never win this fight though. And people think it is better to watch the girls instead. I do not do erotic pictures or porno, so I have no experience in that field. In modeling, generally the model is an actor playing a role that fulfills a photographer’s vision regardless of his sick aesthetic criteria. Each model has her own limits with how far she is willing to go.
The model usualy gets sample pictures, of ones she took, for her book but that was not the case for me and the pictures I took for the Mexican Playboy. I was happy when they selected me and was looking forward to a trip to Mexico. But instead of me flying there, six Mexicans came to Prague. They rented an Opera House and we took beautiful pictures there. They promised to send me some samples - and today, one year later - I am still waiting... Two years later I gave up.

I have a good genetic composition from my parents, my beauty is their merit and I had nothing to do with it. I am actually a walking gallery of their genes, a curator overseeing the exhibition in its slow deterioration.
On the left side, you will find a list of publications I was pictured in and here is my new portfolio website with photographers and presentation of their work.