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so.. I have to confide in you with some of my life experiences. I am a social creature who loves meeting and chatting with new people when time allows. That's why I have joined many servers and am writing with many people. BUT! There are plenty of those misusing my pictures and pretending to be me. Few chat sessions became long distance friendships and even fewer made it to life friendships.

I am still searching for a girlfriend that I have yet to find, which was the actual intention of spending time in the chat rooms. I originally come from a little Czech city Zlin where I left all of my friends, family and school mates behind. In Brno, where I partially live, I don’t know anybody except a few colleagues and some customers. I am searching for a girlfriend to go shopping (somebody who won't collapse on the first divan in a store), spend some time in a café, go to work out, bitch about men a little, and fulfill other feminine needs. Unluckily, these days, nobody has time for much of anything. When I am about to meet somebody through the net, I get a truckload of excuses why we can't meet. Aren’t there any girls at all in Brno??? Or are all the girls chatting with me really men in disguise?

Seems like we’ve all become slaves of some strange social ritual to hunt after (and not only money-wise) a need to be IN, to be entertained, to be seen at all “questionable” or "don't even ask" parties to have a great time. What we are really lacking, is time for a good friendship, an opportunity to stop this endless so called hunt, and to just look around. We try to solve our relationships online or through SMS, assuring ourselves we have to meet someday but at the end of the day we find that there is no time left. So the real life friendships were replaced by virtual friendships with an imaginary fantasy.

Of course not all the chat experiences are pleasant which is balanced by willingness and friendlines of others who are ready to help and listen. And with those of you I want to share my adventures, memories, thoughts, photos and all what could be interesting for you..... or maybe not right for you. YOU will either skip it or write me another e-mail why do I bother you with such a crap when you are not interested at all...

Here I would have to point out that my blog isn't World Literature, yet I am negotiating with the Ministry of Education. But those clowns here are changing positions so fast that before we can reach some conclusion the new one takes his place. Furthermore, they are criticizing that the content isn't suitable for elementary schools so I am pushing for high school sex education.