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Offers you can´t say NO to

When a singer is contacted by Metropolitan opera or an actor gets a call from Hollywood – I believe that's something like when model gets herself on cover of Cosmopolitan, Vogue or – for us more daring girls – Playboy.

From the beginning of my modeling career I was placing my pictures on various modeling servers and agencies, where visitors vote for the most beautiful girls and those with the highest score end up on the Top 10 list. There is nothing girls can win but it is important to be on the top because that is the place where you get seen by photographers looking for new faces. They are too lazy to waltz through 800 faces (no wonder) but they naively believe that the top 10 are really the prettiest ones.

Of course that is only an illusion. Those more experienced of us know that the girls in Top 10 are girls with biggest number of friends willing to go there and vote for them over and over. My friends and members of my Fan club used to go there, too, and from time to time throw their votes in my direction - some of them willingly and gladly, others after long persuasion and a threat of kidnaping their children.

Thank you all who were helping me. But to have pictures there brings also certain risk as you can imagine.

Based on such a web page I was contacted by Silvia Saint, if I were interested to shoot some pictures with a Playboy photographer Milan Hladil for their magazine. Girls usually don’t say No to such opportunity and "such money".

He was not offering a centerfold position or Playmate, only few black and white pictures for their pictorial but even that I considered being a success. My husband was excited by this news so he could brag to everybody that he sleeps with a Playboy model. How many men dream about it and he could really experienced that. If only he would do more then just sleep with her…

After he met me face to face he said that it would be pity to use me for black and whites only and that we have to shoot in color for a main feature. I did not reason him out of it at all.

We were shooting for 5 hours and made a lot of really nice picture (typical Playboy style). They promised to use them in the June’s issue. Supposedly…

When the boss of all bosses Vlado Olexa himself came to check out, who will be in the next issue he was pleasantly impressed with me and ordered few more portraits to put me on the cover if editor approves it. I don’t know if the editor has children to blackmail him with kidnapping them again so that he understands what would be wise decision to make. If everything will go as planed I should be in the July issue which will hit the newsstands in the middle of June 2006.

Here I have few samples, they have sent me via e-mail. I will have more pictures after the issue will hit the stands, not sooner. As soon as I know how the chief-editor reacted to my kidnapping threat and what issue the pictures will be in - I let you know.

Then suddenly everything went wayward be continued