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Baron Prášil  Or Choose Your Muse

I often let myself be provoked into something

Singing and acting are dominating my hobbies. When someone offers me to join them together and be on the stage of the National Theatre, I didn't hesitate. I Later realized I should have declined.

Our friend Ales Kucera (just last name match, we are not related) was putting together an annual performance of the local art school where he teaches. He proposed to my husband, also Kucera (last name match, with some relation), if he could contribute to the show.

Ivo is working on a play about George Gershwin, for which he arranged 16 of his most famous songs, three of which he offered to be used in this show. They were eagerly accepted, till he specified that he needs 4 girls to sing it in a harmony. The school supplied us with two great singers, and then their eyes settled at me, to remove the thorn from their hide. It wasn't a mere thorn though as it was much more like a thorny bush, but they omitted this little detail.

We exchanged the fourth girl for a choir and started to rehearse. The music is astonishing and when the voices interlace together it sounds divine. I love vocal music, when voices interlace and complete in harmony then the final sound is accordingly rich. And if sometimes... from some mysterious reason - we all are singing the same song... and remember the right words - then the experience is almost climaxing.


Due to a past experience with these annual shows the school decided to make two performances this year.

The shool rented Brno's National Theatre - Mahen Drama and planned the gala opening night forth and 8 th May 2006. The tickets were selling in the office of the Elementary Art School Veveri 133 Brno, about one month before and the remaining two tickets were sold right before the show in the theater.

The singing was accompanied by the school orchestra though "accompanied" doesn't seem to be apt.

We are contemplating the solo concert of George Gershwin songs, but nobody knows about... not even us.

It’s a pity, you can't all be there! It is going to be a magnificent evening: and those who won't come will be forever sorry that they couldn't make it and those who will come will be sorry that they didn't stay with the first group.

After the show, if I will have some photos, I'll put them here for you to see what have you missed so you know not to miss next time.