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Tuning Salon Brno 2008
Saturday 9.28.2008

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I already attanded many events where the evening highlight was the body painting. The tipsy company is watching a model getting undressed with a great interest which slowly decreeses with the growing amount of the color covering the naked skin. Then I promenade among guests being nice and chatty. They are mostly nice to me and those more pushy ones find out very soon that the colors on my body destroy their white evening shirts when they got too close and stop bothering :-) then play bowling, find out some shower and go home...

When I got ANOTHER offer for a body painting on Brno's Fairgrounds from the famous Liberec's painter Detlef, I wasn't any excited about that. The only positive thing was that it were in my city so I didn't have to travel too far.

Detlef sent me some samples of his work and I fell on my tushy (I could write on "my big ass" but I don't have one so the tushy it is). His work was something completely different from the usual stuff. Beautiful pictures painted on the bare skin, no abstract art but real things. I fell for it immediately and said I want to be part of it.

There was a final Tuning show 2008 on the Brno´s Fairgrounds. All shiniest cars from the Czech Republic were there. With another 3 models we became mascots of AUTOLINE, which was presenting 2 cars (don't ask me what cars, but they had 4 wheels each). Detlef was not only throwing color on me but also one joke after another and then he was swearing that I can't stand still. My vibrations were not coming solely from the laugh but mostly from the terrible cold. He chose for me (after some aplied pressure) a painting of a white&blue racing overall with a big AUTOLINE logo, which caught my eye in his catalogue. It took him more than two hours to "dress me" into it. I don't need to add that there was the biggest crowd around our stall. We had to have the best cars :-) The flashes were firing one over another and I dare to guess that thousands of photographers were watching my photos in that evening.

After getting into our costumes we began 6-hour posing with our cars, other cars and eager guests with more flashes. We started our little tour around the expo grounds and made photos with nearly everything, including one gorgeous golden bike, we were even asked to get it dirty with our painted butts. I talked Misa into sitting on my dirty scratched Nissan but you should have seen her disdainful face :-) The biggest trouble was the terrible cold. Everybody was in their jackets and sweaters and among them we - crazy naked girls. And believe me, the racing suit wasn't warm enough. That warming task was assigned to many rums, the big boss Richard was pouring in me in disguise of a hot tea to "get warm from inside out".

After the activities in our pavilion have ended, we got an offer from the asociated pavilion to attand their huge party, where among the high class suits we drew attention extremely well. We even took their main stage by the storm and stir a real sensation. Overall it was a great experience mostly because of the fine group of people, of my blood type. It was a very pleasant day and winning cups in our hands prove that we didn't catch a cold for nothing.

Fourteen days later I was asked by the same group to join them for Autosalon 2008 in Prague lasting 4 days. Every day I had a new "outfit" so I have added four new pictures from that event on the bottom. It was interesting, educational and very tiring. It is hard earned money, believe me. I will rather stick to my modest modeling then body painting gigs. I was on my feet since 7 a.m., stood three hours for painting itself and then postured in front of cars, talked to customers, let them to take thousand pictures of me with a car or themselves. With almost no break till 6 p.m. Other girls being painted after me had much shorter shift. But the goal was achieved; I have nice pictures, enjoy them. But that is enough for me.