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AUTOTEC Fair 2008
Tuesday 6.3.2008

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As we say "It doesn't have to be raining when it is drizzling". I understand that I am elegantly and quite unnoticeably getting older and older, which some photographers didn't realize yet... so there are some offers coming from time to time yet less and less often. Last week I shot three days out of five which is not completely bad though I took up with the offer to pose for AUTOTEC Fair 2008 in Brno.

When I asked what will be my task at the Fair, they told me that fair is for exhibiting things so I will show my boobs. And not to shock too much our sensitive journalists and not distract thir attention from the cars - one painter from Prague will paint something smart on both of them. I don't mean on both boobs but both models, I wasn't there alone. At 10AM we showed up topless at the conference before curious press yet nobody asked a question... only cameras were flashing. There was nothing to ask, our innocent nudity was talking instead.

My exhibitionism got satisfied. The painter Kamila pulled out the brushes and began painting the Fiat logo on my bossom, which was our paying company. It didn't take long and my colegue was advertising this widely known italian brand too, under the relentless fire of flashes of surrounding crowd of motoristic fans. And not to be too little she airbrushed a Fiat logo on my tushy too. Then they gave us black mini skirts so I was showing my moons only on request... but who would ask when nobody knew, right? Smart move...

When one is painted over on a bare skin, it feels like being covered - not naked. So we could freely promenade among guests, give smiles and fliers and accept business cards and dinner and bedroom invitations.

I found many familiar and unfamiliar faces among the photographers and because my personal photographer Ivo wasn't at hand I had to ask them to send me some pictures. Thanks to them you can see theese...Thank you all! But of course it was better to see it in natura.

Not funny incident happened in the shower where I went to wash myself not to advertise for  free it the street tram. There I found out that while the main logo went off nicely the one on my tushy stayed put. And didn't wash off regardless hard I scrubbed it off. Say that it is done by a longlasting paint... I hope it won't stay on next three months.... that wouldn't please the photographer scheduled for an upcoming swimsuit shoot and Fiat would get broke for paying off such a round add. One time I lost my clothes and come home without panties, next time I had a bruise on my neck evoking a hickey and today I'll come with a stamp on my ass... don't know what will my husband think of me, but I am innocent as always.... almost....