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17th April 2008 - How did I became an ArtSlave

From time to time I surf the net looking for an inspiration, relaxation or an erotic excitement to compensate for whatever is missing in my real life. I look for pretty girls, preferably in chains and handcuffs... That is one of my kinky wild fantasies and such pictures just turn me on.

For many years I have one favorite artist and web site full of women tortured in bondage, pretty hogtied girls and defenseless beauties being abused. Last fall I went there to check what is new. New pictures by Gary Roberts were very exciting as always. But even more exciting was the ad on the first page looking for an artist to help him with coloring his famous pictures. Whoa - if only I could combine painting such pictures and geting paid for it - that would be a climax of my wet dreams. So I applied immediately not event thinking first if I am able to do it and got one page as a try-out.

I realized VERY soon, that such work cannot be done without a tablet - so my first trip was to the computer store to acquire one. I bought the top of the line naively justifying such purchase by assuring myself that it will pay itself off in couple of months - IF I get the job... and if not.... well, I am a graphic designer, so must have it anyway. Working with the tablet was not as easy as I imagined, but after long hours of learning and tons of dirty words from my limited vocabulary I got it working and got used to the pen instead of a mouse.

Gary - my new would-be-employer, tutor and mentor gave me some useful advices and long distance special training and let me try my heart out. Picture he usually does in 6 hours took me couple of days, because I was more erasing then drawing.... I did my best and to my surprise - Gary thought so, too. It was fantastic - I got the job. Now I can work, get excited, horny and get paid for it! That's what I call the dream job.

Now - couple of months and many pages later I am still developing my technique of following the style and getting better. My ArtMaster Gary (whom I never met in person) is VERY patient with me, NEVER raising his voice over me (very difficult to do in e-mails) though he vows to punish me for every mistake I make when he eventually meets me. We have established a very unique bond which sometimes feels like a real friendship, still most of the time I am just his little ArtSlave.

Even you have the opportunity to see our work (of course only if you are OVER 18!!!), if you visit and join this wonderful site at Darkstar Production.

Enjoy it and think of me little bit.... in your wildest sexy dreams.... I'll be there.....