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Cowtown AZ , USA

22nd November 2007 - Brenda the sharp-shooter

Remington 700

One of last Arizona's photo shoots took place in an old army shooting-range, where young soldiers were learning how to shoot. That is not to shoot close models, but distant targets. The presence of naked girls had rather negative impact on their concentration, accuracy and the laying position on their bellies became somehow uneasy.

Colt 1911A1Few days later I received an e-mail from one of the soldiers (God knows where he got my address) and he invited me for a date. I explained to him that married women usualy don't date (he couldn't know I am married of course). His mail included a tempting sentence though, that we can go any place and do whatever I please. He betrayed himself writing that he was the shooting instructor of those young soldiers on the shootout. I could guess what he would like to do but I always dreamed about shooting big guns.

AR15 .45 caliberWe drew up a plan to spend the entire day on the shooting range: only two of us with a pile of various weapons. Arizona is one of few states where you can carry guns (with a proper permit, of course). We started from small handguns. First I tested the Colt 1911 A1 .45 caliber, semi-automatic. We were shooting at the small paper target and after first round Dan become suspicious and didn't believe me that I am holding such weapon in my hand for the first time in my life. I scored almost perfect tens - better then Bo Derek.

AR15 5,56 caliberNext in the line were rifles. The easier of them was AR15 45 and then AR15 5.56. Dan uses this gun for his sharp-shooting sport competitions (I hope I am not revealing any army secrets now). We were shooting some soldier figurine on the opposite slope (I believe it was just a figurine, I don't want to start any international conflicts). I had to sit down and prop it against my knee for better stability at this big distance.

Russian AK47The most of all I was looking forward to the final weapon. Dan let me borrow his sniper rifle (see the photo on the top of the page). He stood next to me with a scope, he pointed his fingers somewhere in the distance and said "There on the hill next to the ravine is a white target the size of a human head. "Distance is 820m, wind speed 10km from left..." With my naked eye I could hardly see the hill, not mentioning the ravine and the white target? Nice try.... But the riffle equipped with an excellent scope found the target. I set the distance, one mil dot to the left to compensate the wind deviation and BANG - the terrorist was dead. Dan hardly shielded his surprise. Should I brag more? No problem: in the final shoot-out I beat Dan, the shooting instructor... I suppose he had to let me win as his date :-). It was a perfect afternoon. I had a chance to try lot of new things and was able to get in places where normal mortals hardly get. Sometimes it pays of to shoot naked...

Dan told me that I have a natural talent for this sport and important consistency (I have no idea what he was talking about) and I should put my brain to it. I will try to contact a shooting club in Brno and who knows: maybe I will meet Dan on the next Olympic Games. His knees will tremble and he will loose his nerves because he knows that I have already beaten him once before :-)