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In Healthy Body Healthy Spirit

Sky Divingsaid once doctor Tyrs and I follow that. When I look back at that handful of sports, which I ever tried, I have to say that I am soloist. I don't pursue group sports. I prefer sports where I know what to expect, I can be myself and independant. I do all sports just for fun, to kill the time, because somebody talked me into it or the oportunity passed to me. I've never done any sport professionally because it takes such a time investment which I couldn't guarantee.

Horseback RidingWhen I was young I flirted with aikido, but I gave up after bad experience with my instructor, who intended to flirt with me and practice something quite different than aikido though just as well with contact.

KayakingAfter moving to US I got more free time, free money and more oportunities to try anything I wished. I crave for adrenaline in any form: whether through crazy roller coaster rides or sport which touches the edge of ones courage. I did scuba diving, sky diving, horseback riding, rock climbing... What didn't enthrall me was crazy car racing, more if some cub is driving trying to show to the world what a lady-killer he is. Graveyards are full of such dudes.

Climbing WallPresently I go to fitness, partialy to workout but mainly because my friend talked me into a Kickbox and Fight-pro class and after first exhausting training I totally fell for it. I go quite regularly 2x-3x a week to keep my body and physique not only for posing but mainly for my good feeling. I always leave the gym worn out and tired without as much as drop of energy left still strangely content.

Kick BoxI have to admit that I do neither sport methodicaly more like it is question of opportunity which the life tosses in my way. Whether it is a scuba diving on vacations which I never let slip away (Red Sea, Caribbean or Hawaii), or horseback riding on long beaches of Venezuella or California, kayaking on Potomac river in Washington DC or persuasion of my friends to come with them do rock climbing. That I practiced some on a climber wall in a gym to get ready for summer of real rocks and real rock climbers.

The winter goes traditionally with skiing in nearby Austrian Alps. For 4 years we have been coming to the same good old place near Saltzburg called Zauchensee, where everybody can find his cup of slope. Magnificent landscape from easy meadows to dangerous steep slopes.
SnowboardingOnce my YOUNGER stepson lured me into trying a snowboarding with him and I have to say that after a one-day stand I was able to coast the meadow. But the price my soft tushy as well as other no less delicate parts of my body had to pay was very very painful.
This winter isn't any different. I intended to organize a sports week for my Fan Club, but the members had different opinion so I am going by myself. At first they are bitching that I do nothing for my Fan Club and if I do, they find a whole string of excuses and alibis why not to.

Scuba DivingI am warm-requiring and I much prefer warm climates and seas over the snow and mountains. Therefore I plan to move from cold inhospitable Europe to warm and inviting America - more precisely to the desert of Arizona. Though the local temperatures hover around 100 Fahrenheits in the shade (which I still don't get where they measure while there is no such think as a shade on desert) might be little more than I've meant to. Let's see....

For a photomodel there is one crucial thing, always look at her best on photos!