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Mass Mania at Dobrak

Back into telephone boots!

The first Brno-division fan club meeting happened on Friday 7-21-2006 as planned. It was held at Brno's swimming pool establisment Dobrak in King's Field.

The meeting started at 17:05 under the first tree on the right hand sight. First three newcomers were to get "for penalty" my apricot jam, of which I made 60 jars and was in need to help to clean my dump.

Swimming pool entry fee is 15 dollars but, when they mentioned they belong to Brenda's Fan Club they got 50% off. So you see it pays off to be a member of my club and get spoiled !!!

My Fan Club

I was worried that a crowd of jam-greedy people will pour from the gates to fight over my so delicious preserves. At the end, I was happy that I got rid of it and didn't have to drag it back home. ONLY 3 members showed up although 11 of them signed up and promised to come. This is typical, the bad faith always intervenes and brings all kinds of barriers of why the promises cannot be kept.

In spite of the small numbers we had a great time. We practiced a little bit of sport (WE healthy ones played, while the football veterans rested on our picnic blanket) and chatted for about an hour and a half. I talked with Vaclav about his life investment (He is contemplating sponsoring one month of my upcoming wall calendar) and I autographed my callendar for for Ilja at the signing session.