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The Swan's Lake

It has been quite some time that I have played with the thought of building a small lake. Not all the members of our two-member family were excited, but I was lucky to get the moral and physical support of my folks from Zlin, who came fully equipped with pickaxe, shovel, and a good attitude for the weekend.

Here comes a little picture report of the work....

First and crucial is measuring the size and shape
With never-dying spirit for 1000 Gallons of dirt
Prepared hole is inlaied by unwoven fabric
The deepest point is 1 yd allowing fish to get over winter
Over fabric comes a rubber liner and filling can start
Coconut mats are for better catch up of plants on slopes
Consultation with mom, hearing out and dissaproval of an advice
The shore is getting shaped
Family meeting about proper pebbles
Propper placement of pebbles cannot be underestimated
Pebbling and joy of outcome
Planting the shore with lack of plants
Need for right cutting and drilling of wood...
...thorough impregnation...
...and proper placement on the bottom.
Fixing a frame of a pier took up our drive
Nail down the top deck....
and pier is finished together with a beautiful pond.