Unexperienced artists imitate the ideas... experienced ones steal them.

I am really lucky to combine my hobby with a job. The graphics is the only logical pursuit of my longlife needt to create, draw, paint... So I do what I like and get paid for it too.

Elephant - oil pastels
Already as a child I was attending all kinds of art classes learning to draw, paint and model.
This is the oldest extant meaningful drawing I have. It was created around 1996 and for lack of interest of collectors it is still in my possession.

Art Studio
Art Studio
In America I continued with my education and for two years I was taking classes to improve my oilpainting. For whole year we painted different still lifes which is easy because fruit doesn't complain, move and doesn't need breaks as live models.
Still life - fruit
Still Life with Fruit - oil
Oil is very easy medium to work with. Wicked tongues declare that every idiot can paint with oil. I think that everything needs some knowledge.
John Kucera - portrait
John Kucera - oil
As a contract work - I painted a portrait of my son John as a gift to his 25th birthday wondering... how come is my son older than me...
Nude woman
Nude Woman - chalk
I also signed up for a live drawing class. There I found out that I much prefere to draw nice plump rounded shapes than sinewy twiggies. Sad that we didn't have any male model so I don't know how well that would go. I wanted to bring my man to stand for us... but in his age he wouldn't stand for long... I know that drawing can be fun but it doesn't have to be that hilarious.